In our Hearts

Bluemist Kennels has been in the business for over 20 years. Each dog has contributed to the success of our kennels. Below, is a tribute to our recent friends that have passed.

  • Filomene Vom Der Felsenburg, AD
  • Dec 2004 – March 2017

    Filomene was one of a kind and had a beautiful soul. She loved her late night campfires and being with her family. We will miss her companionship.

  • Bluemist Gretchen Red Neck Woman, BH
  • Dec 2004 – March 2017

    One of the leaders of the pack, Gretchen gave us many beautiful years. Loyal and loving, Gretchen will be missed by everyone.

  • Bluemist Ultimate Gypsy Rose
  • January 2003 – January 2017

    13 beautiful years

    Retired at age 6 then owned by Barb MacDonald. Gypsy lived a wonderful life and will be truely missed by all.

    Rest in peace Gypsy doo da.

  • Champion Bluemist Drakar Gunnar
  • 1999 - 2014

    Where did the time go...

    Born in 1999, so small he fit into my hand. I watched him grow. I dragged him to the shows. He was a winner, a Champion, a sire, a friend and he was homegrown. Gunnar gave so much to us with his unconditional love and his memory will live on in his progeny.

    Rest in peace old boy,our topgun.

  • Bernd von Asgard
  • One of our customers wrote this about Bernd. Such a beautiful write-up that touched us deeply

    As his Spirit of Love brings to you the fondest of memories, his Spirit of such, to lineage, brings to many our living memories... For where he stood so Majestic, so shall his Spirit reign... Farewell to Bernd of Bluemist.

    He was a beautiful boy and friend.

  • Foxy
  • We are heartbroken over the loss of Foxy. The spirit of our kennels now lays quiet. She was gone to soon and will never be forgotten.

  • Xena Allemania (aka. Xena Bobina)
  • Xena was a one of a kind girl and friend. Her zest for life, her unconventional dimeanor, and her motherly instinct will never be forgotten. Xena was the mediator of the pack and Bluemist Kennels will be forever thankful for her unconditional love and devotion.

  • Tera Allemania (aka. TT)
  • Don't look for me, I'm here beside you

    Don't wait for me, I'm here behind you

    Don't call for me, I'm always with you

    Don't worry about me, I'm watching over you

    Don't walk alone, for I am walking with you

    And when you are away, I wait for you

    When it's your time, I'll be here to guide you

    For now I wait with my friends.