Bluemist Kennels has been in the business for over 20 years.

Customer Testimonials

Tamara Oman

Our love story started in 2011 when this guy was brought to me by chance, the last available puppy of his litter.

This guy enhanced my life from the start and I couldn't have imagined spending the last few or the next few years with a better companion.
Thor had an amazing start to life with the love and attention given to him from Fran and Barry which helped him become the dog he is today. Bluemist is extremely passionate about their dogs and it becomes obvious in the temperaments of the puppies. Fran and Barry have supported me in all my questions and canine panics.

Thank you for my precious boy.

Natalie Creith

Fran and Barry have given me the greatest gift with my Kiera! What a fabulous temperament and stunning dog she is. I only wish I had more room for more Bluemist GSDs as I would have a litter-full!!
Great temperament and health is all I could have asked for but got so much more. I would never hesitate to get another dog from Fran and Barry. I am forever thankful that my path crossed with that of Bluemist. August 14, 2014

Debra Jones-Vincent

They certainly do have amazing dogs, and YAY we’re on the list for another Bluemist fur baby. Aug. 1, 2015
Debra and Robert now have another fur baby named Chance, son of Bella and Canyon, April, 2015

Jean Paul Jackson

Our family of 4 of the greatest GSD companions can attest to all of the qualities Fran & Barry strive to endure in all of their family. Our companions have given us more than we could ever ask for good health, good temperament and above all the greatest of loyalty, companionship and love. Nov. 6, 2013

Peter, Martha & Jessica “the Keeble Family”

It is with great pleasure to have for ourselves a “Bluemist” male pup…
His growth physically and emotionally reflects a divine quality of which we have sought…His addition has surely brought strengthen value for our life’s living… We are “Bluemist” proud…..June 2, 2015